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To celebrate the launch of Hibernian’s third kit for the 2020/21 season, which will bear the names of all full Hibernian Supporters members by 21st October 2019, we were delighted to offer fans the chance to win one of 10 shirts in our latest prize draw.

All Hibernian Supporters contributors with a Francks balance of more than 1875 by 23:59 on Monday were entered into the hat, with the winners contacted yesterday. We’ve caught up with some of them to find out their thoughts on winning the shirt ahead of the new season kicking off behind closed doors on 1st August.

Thomas Mitchell was one of the lucky winners. He has attended Easter Road since the halcyon days of Turnbull’s Tornadoes and currently sits in the West lower. He was delighted to win the third shirt which will include his name alongside a number of his friends.

“I was very pleasantly surprised to win the strip, it will be framed and take pride of place with my framed Hibernian Supporters certificate, Scottish Cup tickets, photos of the cup with Leeann and at the ground with my wife – it was her first ever game!

“I’m proud to be a Hibee and to contribute to Hibernian Supporters. No matter how small the contribution, I know it will go a small way to help the club.”

Ralph Williamson, another shirt winner who grew up watching Eddie Turnbull’s side, was picked out of the hat on a special day for him and his wife.  

“I remember being lifted over the turnstiles when entering the old East Stand. I spent most of my years in the East before I moved across to the West Stand lower when it was redeveloped. I then returned to the east when it too was redeveloped and currently sit in section 38 with my two grown up sons.

“Winning the shirt was a huge surprise as I never thought for one minute that my name would be picked out the hat, on my 30th wedding anniversary as well! I had just mentioned to my wife that if anyone was struggling to think of a birthday gift for me (two weeks away) then this top would be most welcome.”

Ralph is looking forward to the Hibernian first team squad taking to the field wearing a shirt with the names of fans woven into the design. He says his love for the football club is what drives him to be a part of Hibernian Supporters.

“I think it is a great gesture to all the supporters who have been part of Hibernian Supporters and ultimately the club itself. I think it is fair to say that without our backing we would not have been as successful as we have over the last few years and most certainly wouldn’t be able to bring in the standard of player that we have done. 

“Hibernian have been a huge part of my life and the lives of my family. Watching Hibernian has provided me with many highs and lows (possibly too many lows) but life without Hibernian would be unbearable. If my small monthly donation keeps the club going and helps us to compete then it’s worth every penny.”

Simon Craig was also very pleased to find out he had won a shirt in the Francks draw this week and he too is looking forward to the players wearing a kit bearing the names of over 1500 fans.

“I was delighted to win the shirt and was planning to purchase one, which I’m sure a lot of Hibernian Supporters members will do along with other supporters.

“I will be very honoured knowing the players will run out wearing a strip bearing my name, and thought the initiative was a great idea and received a lot of interest through the fans forums, with others wanting to make sure their name was on the shirt.”

Initially on board with Hibernian Supporters in order to buy shares under the club’s previous ownership, Simon says he’s happy to help the club move forward positively in the knowledge that his donations are being used to strengthen the team.

“I was encouraged at first by Hibernian Supporters buying shares, investing in the club and buying a controlling interest in the club. However now that the buying shares has ended I’m happy to keep supporting the club financially through these difficult times, and will continue to do so for as long as the scheme exists.”

All ten winners were entered into the prize draw as a result of the Francks system which is designed to recognise regular Hibernian Supporters contributors, you can find out more about the Francks system by clicking here.

The Francks system will be utilised more over the next few months, with a signed Proclaimers ‘Angry Cyclist’ programme up for grabs in July’s prize draw. All regular donators with a Francks balance of 80+ by the end of the month will be entered into the draw.

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