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A huge thank you to all supporters who contributed towards our Hampden £100k campaign in January. We continue to support the football club financially with regular monthly donations. Simply click the donate button to sign up or make a one off payment. Glory glory.

Who are we?

Hibernian Supporters are a group of ordinary Hibs fans. Through regular monthly donations we aim to support the continued on-field success of Hibernian FC. Throughout these tough times our support have stepped forward once again and we thank all contributors for their ongoing support.

If you know your history

Established in 2015, Hibernian Supporters are the second largest shareholder in Hibernian FC and provide regular monthly donations to the club.

Our primary objectives and purpose can be found here.

During these difficult times Hibernian Supporters are concentrating our efforts to provide regular additional financial support to our club, and the manager in particular. All donations received by Hibernian Supporters at present will be directed to the club every month to improve the player budget and support the continued on field success of Hibernian FC.

Visit our donation page to make a one-off contribution or sign up to a monthly direct debit. All supporter contributions will go a long way to making sure there is always sunshine on Leith.


“I have always believed that the ordinary fans view has not been listened to enough. This idea that only clever businessmen have a monopoly on good ideas just isn’t right. I have been delighted to see the positive impact that ordinary supporters have been able to make over the last few years. People often ask me what was my best time at the Club and for me the answer is quite simple. It was my greatest privilege to play for Hibs, but my greatest honour is to be a Hibernian Supporter.

Pat Stanton

Tony Higgins

Vice President of FIFPro (Europe)
“Supporter ownership and involvement is important because football supporters are the lifeblood of the game; economically, culturally and socially. Supporters more than any other stakeholder group make lifelong commitments to their clubs and invest in them on a long term basis. This lifelong commitment means that supporters have an interest in a football club that is qualitatively and quantitatively different to any other group. As such their involvement in the governance of football clubs brings an important added value, namely a long term interest in its sustainability.
“Hibernian Supporters Ltd gives all friends and fans an opportunity to contribute financially and to have an equal say in the future development of the Club. This scheme represents a first, but vital, step in giving Hibs back to the community.

Lord Martin O’Neill of Clackmannan

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We know that for many right now times are very difficult, so please only donate funds that you won’t miss. We are all Hibs.