Our Ambition

Our principle ambition is to purchase and hold shares in the club on behalf of our members.

With a 7% stake in the club we have the ambition to increase our stake to our principal objective of 25.1% if and when shares in the club become available to ensure supporters continue to be at the heart of all decision making at Easter Road.

Following a period of consultation with members, we were pleased to be invited by the club to participate in the capital call in June 2024, allowing us to invest a significant sum of money in the club in return for shares.

For the 2024/24 season Hibernian Supporters has once again invested in a table of ten in the Pioneers hospitality lounge at Easter Road, with members able to opt-in to win a pair of tickets for every home fixture throughout the season.

We are also proud to be a Founding Member of Hibs 25, which celebrated 25 years of Hibernian Women. Our name is displayed on the plaque in the Albion Bar and our members enjoyed a memorable evening at the inaugural Hibs 25 dinner at Easter Road.

These investments are examples of the type of new initiatives Hibernian Supporters can participate in to help the club and our members at the same time. We have an active role to play in supporting the club and we encourage all Hibernian fans to join us on our journey.

Any decisions on the future objectives of Hibernian Supporters will be driven by our members. Join us today to become part of the club’s largest supporter shareholder group.

How It Works



Hibernian Supporters is set up to raise funds to acquire and maintain a meaningful ownership stake in our club.

In addition, we can provide additional funding to the club if so directed by our members.

Hibernian Supporters is a company limited by guarantee that has been established with the primary objectives of acquiring shares in Hibernian Football Club Ltd, and to hold those shares for the benefit of the supporters of the club.



We are passionate about growing our membership to ensure Hibernian Supporters continues to be in a strong position should shares become available to purchase via a future share issue in the club.

If you are already a member, speak to friends and family about what we are hoping to achieve and if you can – ask them to join us too.

You can make contributions to Hibernian Supporters on a monthly basis or with a standalone payment.



You become a full member and part owner of Hibernian Supporters when you contribute in excess of £225.

Supporters who make contributions will not own shares directly, but will own Hibernian Supporters Limited, which in turn will own the shares in the club.

Joining Hibernian Supporters as a full member remains the only way you can currently own a slice of Hibernian FC, the club we all love.


You can contribute to Hibernian Supporters in two ways – a single payment or with regular monthly payments. All monthly payments can be paused, restarted or adjusted at any point making the process flexible for all supporters.

Once your contributions surpass £225, contributors will become a member of a collective that proudly owns shares in the club we all love.

Paying by Card

If you are an overseas supporter, or if you would like to make payment by credit or debit card, you can click here to donate using Stripe.

  • HIBS
  • £ 225 single payment
  • HIBS
  • £ single payment

If you are an overseas supporter, or if you'd prefer to make payment by credit or debit card, there is an option to donate by Stripe.

Click here to pay by debit or credit card

Every Donation Counts

Jackie McNamaraHibernian Legend
“We are so grateful for the continued support from the fans. Over the years we have grown our membership which has allowed us to back the club in new and varied ways. Hibernian Supporters is run by fans, for the fans."