Our Opportunity

29 December 2014 – The Board of Hibernian announce its intention to widen Club ownership by issuing new shares which would enable the Holding Company’s shareholding in Hibernian to be diluted below 50%.


You can donate in two ways – a single payment or regular monthly payments. Both methods have “Famous Five” options with different levels of commitment, so you can pay as much as you like.

Donors should be aware that funds raised will be used to acquire shares in Hibernian FC and that they will not receive any of their donations back. They will, however, become Members of a collective that proudly owns shares in the Club they love.

  • HIBS
  • £ single payment


George StewartHibernian Legend
I have been a member of HSL right from the start and have been absolutely delighted with the progress made. For the first time in years we seem to have people at the Club who know what they are doing and how to spend money wisely. What an opportunity we have as supporters to generate additional funds to help Leeann and her team to continue the progress being made. We need many more supporters to step forward and help, so, if you have spare cash get right behind your team and join HSL.