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Dear member,

We suspect by now you will have read about proposed changes at our club. We too have been aware of various stories, and in some case rumours, about what was being planned, however we felt that it would have been inappropriate to comment or indeed speculate on such stories/rumours given that we had no information from the club.

We now have the formal announcements from the club and, irrespective of your own individual viewpoint, the club’s proposals will clearly have an impact on Hibernian Supporters Limited.

One of the most obvious consequences of the various proposals would see our shareholding in the club being diluted for the second time from its current level of 15.4% to around 7%. 

Clearly there is a lot going on at the moment and this is a complex matter, but the club have now announced the date for their AGM therefore we must now take the necessary steps to take your voting instructions ahead of that meeting taking place at the end of the month.

One of the key principles of Hibernian Supporters has always been to ensure we act in a manner which is consistent with the views of our members. We are an organisation run by members, for our members, and it is with these beliefs in mind that we will seek to consult with as many of you as possible in the next couple of weeks.

Traditionally it is around this time of the year when we have our own AGM and therefore, we have taken the decision to cover these matters at the AGM which we intend to have on Thursday 22nd February 2024.

The time and venue for this meeting will be confirmed by email tomorrow, along with the agenda and further important details.

While our AGM is the ideal time to discuss these matters, we intend to have a consultation process over the coming weeks to canvass the views of as many of our members as possible.

In the first instance we would encourage members to let us know your thoughts on the matters set to be voted on at the club’s AGM by emailing us at

We must stress we have the same information as our fellow shareholders in relation to the proposals and as such will not be able to share any information which was not included in the club’s correspondence this week.

We apologise for these short timescales, but we hope you will appreciate these are not of our making.

Hibernian Supporters directors

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