Thank You

Thank you very much for your kind and generous donation to Hibernian Supporters Ltd, and for being part of the evolution.

As a member you will have a voice and we hope that as well as your donation, you will want to be involved and help our great club to get back to the forefront of Scottish football.

I hope that you are pleased to hear that since our launch we have attracted over 4000 donators who are now on a journey to full membership.  If you have already paid the minimum donation of £225, all you need to do now is go to the Members Log In section on our website and download your Membership Certificate.

If you have chosen to make your donation by monthly contribution this is equally welcome however full membership is not achieved until the minimal level of £225 has been reached. When your contributions reach the minimum of £225 your Membership Certificate will be available to download from the Members Log In section.

You have set up a Direct Debit to donate indefinitely which means that if you only want to contribute the minimum amount of  £225 you will be required to cancel this Direct Debit once this sum has been paid. It is important that you are aware that donations are non refundable and therefore sums paid above this level are received by us gratefully as a donation to support the club and cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Your donation is most welcome, but can we ask for one further commitment. We are more likely to achieve success if you spread the word and with this in mind could you take on the challenge of encouraging and enlisting one more member from the community of Hibs fans that you know. If all of our members can do this, our membership will grow to a point where we can truly regard ourselves as community owned.

Finally, please use whatever method you can to pass on the message, Facebook, Twitter, email, in person or down the pub. The more who take part the more support we can provide to Hibernian FC.